Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Friday, August 21, 2015

Ultimate Happiness and The Power struggle

A good friend of mine asked me recently what my ‘word’ is.

The single word that encapsulates you and the meaning of how you live your life.

Of course in true LDR style I had 2 words.

Happiness and Passion.

It made me think about a mission statement I wrote about a year ago.

As much as I stay true to my ‘Why’ and mission statement my PASSION sometimes makes me give away my power. This then ultimately leads to the demise of my HAPPINESS……Hmmmmm.

So my question is; Why do I (we) give away our power so easily?

Is it because we have to? Because that’s the way the business of show ( for example) is structured?

Or is it just habit?

Coming from a dancer background, where you are trained to basically do as your told and do whatever it takes to get it right and be better/perfect (oy) I sometimes think it is so deeply ingrained that I need to re train my instincts/habits.

I LOVE the Passions I have in my life as they make me happy, I feel complete. But for ultimate Happiness I am now going to have to manage the power game.

Of course, I am talking about auditions.

Just when I think I have nailed my emotions and have practised the tools to keep my power but share my gift….BOOM, I let Mister Expectation get in the way.

You know MR Expectation….the one where you basically see yourself booking the job and playing the role, instead of just turning up and playing and sharing your gift not gift wrapping your power because MR Expectation persuaded you to do so.

Anyway, my work in progress is going to be a constant negotiation with said MR Expectation, with the help of the Power of NOW. Not ; Here take my Power and crush my dream….The New and updated version of Hello…I am here and willing to play and share my gift, because Art is not Art unless received.Your gift, ultimately, must be given/shared for you to be a true artist.

Happy Gift Sharing People!

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