Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anything can be possible if you want it…..lessons and reminders.

A few months ago a student of mine approached me about creating a duet for her and a fellow dancer for one of their student shows.
It meant donating my time for free. THAT I didn’t mind. Having an opportunity to create and play is always a bonus to life.
We met to discuss the project,which I now had more information on from the big boss.
I wasn’t sure what they wanted was in line with the requirements of the show.
Still, said student persevered,and pushed me to think of something,anything that we could do.
I had one idea bouncing around in my brain. They grabbed onto it and we began.
Next came the hurdle of schedules and space to rehearse. This was the biggest challenge and one that seemed so impossible I almost threw the towel in as I couldn’t see us having enough time.
Said student battled on and pleaded with me not to quit.
We finally made a start and grabbed 30-45 mins whenever they fit with all our schedules ( the piece was now a trio)
I guess my whole point of this blog is the reminder I was given to integrity and determination.
The passion driven need for something to happen and MAKING it happen.
The said student reminded me of me so much I was totally taken aback and reminded not to cave because of lack of time.
TIME! Life can pull you in so many directions that you sometimes have to let some things go.You generally know which ones to let go of.
I am grateful for this lesson and reminder that fighting for what you want is always so rewarding and I have loved playing in a studio with these hungry dancers.
The piece is finished and we have TIME for a clean up call…..
Anything can be possible if you want it.
Make it happen
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