Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keeping an eye on the prize

I recently had a class heart to heart with my Joffrey Ballet Jazz and Contemporary students. An hour of venting, questions and general bonding. Their questions about my journey here to NY and life in general got me thinking and forced me to stop and take a glance back…. over the last 3 years of living here in New York and further back to the decisions and choices and events of the last 20 years or so.

With the whole power of now in mind,looking back is not always the done thing,but it can be so good for you! You see your journey,your turning points, how you’ve grown and changed and how life and it’s adventures has shaped you.

One question was ‘What survival jobs did I USED to do?’

I laughed…”What like my life now you mean?” I have 5 jobs that I juggle. I very rarely in my life have ever had one job. Even when performing I will teach. Luckily I like, no love, all my ’survival’ jobs, and they needed to hear that running the business of Lisa Donmall-Reeve and auditioning is one of the 5!

The other question that really made me think was ‘How did I USED to cope when I didn’t book jobs straight away?’

Again…more laughter….”What like my life NOW!?” My response was honest and as positive as possible. I think it’s so important the next generation of dancers and performers are aware of how tough this business called show is but also how thrilling and wonderfully rewarding and exhilarating it is when it all aligns and comes together.

One thing I have worked so hard since being here in NYC is auditions, being in the room and learning/accepting about what ‘they’ want and how to deal with the rejection. And so I told my student this …. you have to keep your eye on the prize. You KNOW in your heart that it will work. The passion and determination you have will always pick you back up and if it was easy, the result would not be half as rewarding.

It sounds cliche,but you learn so much more from the failures and hard times. If everything was given to you, how would you ever learn how to fight and work for what you truly believed in and wanted.

If you stop believing ,you may as well stop learning and to stop learning is to stop living in my book, And in this vibrant,passionate,energetic,crazy, creative city that I love, That is not an option.

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