Lisa Donmall-Reeve

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Letting go of the wheel

Recently my husband and I stole a few days in LA on Venice Beach. Wanting to explore the whole coastline we decided to hire a bike….a tandem. We own bikes at home in Hoboken so I wanted something different.

Now, being a slight control freak ( nothing as bad as I used to be) I surprised myself by choosing the back seat….the seat with handle bars but no brakes and no way of steering.

My husband had complete control. What a weird but wonderful revelation. It was so freeing…just chilling at the back pedalling and enjoying the view! As we cycled along the ocean front I felt such joy and freedom, I knew it was a lesson learnt and one that I had to start implementing this into my NYC life. Let someone else take the wheel sometimes….and enjoy the ride!

Now,I am not saying sit back and do NOTHING. That be way out of my character and belief system! But do the work, be focused, Do you best and then when it is clear you have done everything you can…LET GO.
Try it…..

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