“Who me?”

I was born in England in the early 70’s, raised in Kent then trained, lived and worked in London throughout my late teens, 20’s and 30’s.

I have been living and working in America, first New York and now Los Angeles, since 2012. I was always an active child, either in sports or dancing. I was bitten by the theatre bug very early on when I was taken to the theatre to see ‘Singing in the Rain’ at the London Palladium. Many shows followed from that moment and my passion for dancing and theatre grew and grew. At 16 I embarked on full time musical theatre and dance performance training at The London Studio Centre for 3 years. Graduating at the tender age of 19 to embark on my career as a performer.


Many shows, roles, countries and decades later, I decided to widen the scope and move to New York (After successfully being granted my green card) New York was a city I had always loved from the age of 19 when I studied there for a time. It’s energy and passion was infectious and after years and years of visiting we (my husband and I) took the leap and moved from London to NYC. 

New York. New York. What a city. It is exhilarating, inspiring, exhausting, relentless, passionate, rude, eclectic, vibrant, hostile, lonely, one of a kind, wonderful place.


In 2016, I decided to start my own production company ‘LDR Creative’. My Ethos is to inspire the bigger picture. To collaborate with new,current and up and coming creatives and artists to help bring their work into the spotlight. Creating. Inspiring.Collaborating.

My first project was a short film ‘ Early Mourning’ This is currently still on the film festival circuit and doing incredibly well; 21 festivals, 5 awards and 8 nominations. I am also currently in production for a feature length documentary film called 'Transmission - Root to Branches' and I have more projects in development and pre-pro.


Alongside all this, in London, NYC and LA, I also teach Theatre Dance and fitness.Two subjects very close to my heart. Being part of the faculty for dance institutions such as Millennium PA, Joffrey Ballet school and AMTA. Educating and inspiring the current and future generations of dancers is something that I find incredibly fulfilling. You can also find me in a studio teaching Flybarre for the Flywheel sports community. Fitness at it's best.


To see what I used to get up to- Actor tab,for my company- Producer tab.